Set-up a Kubernetes cluster in minutes

If you would like to set-up your own low budget Kubernetes cluster, do it as I did, with Rancher’s K3s.

Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash

We wanted an installation of Kubernetes that was half the size in terms of memory footprint. Kubernetes is a 10-letter word stylized as K8s. So something half as big as Kubernetes would be a 5-letter word stylized as K3s. There is no long form of K3s and no official pronunciation.


  • 1 CPU
Rancher K3s inbound rule documentation
K3s server / one node cluster installation in < 1 min
k3s binary usage
cluster-info & node token
k3s agent --help
k3s agent set-up
k3s kubectl get node
k3s server installation with predefined token and initialization of cluster
second server set-up
multi server set-up
add local PC as agent to cluster

Dipl. Ing. Technische Informatik, SW Project Manager, Data Scientist

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